About Us

Unique, handcrafted teas made with your health and comfort in mind. 
Made with love by sisters in Buffalo, NY. 
Infused with delicious fruit, herbs, and flowers to maximize nourishment & flavor. 
Brought to you with our dedication to keeping things small & sustainable, compassionate & curious.


Get in Touch: We love Tea Questions!

Phone:  716.218.8809
Instagram:  @SnowyOwlTea

Workshop Location:
The Niagara Frontier Food Terminal
1500 Clinton St.
Unit 156
Buffalo, NY 14206

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Meet your tea-makers:

Anna Bystran (she/her) is our head brewer, tea-master, and peeler of infinite lemons. 

She has a very fancy engineering degree from Columbia University, which she mostly expresses through duct-tape and increasingly unhinged spreadsheets.

Anna is a dancer, a costume-maker, writer, & baker of dangerously yummy things.

She lives with her partner Tala and their roomba Toto.  If you bring your dog to meet her she will love you, or at least your dog, forever.



Tara Bystran (they/them) is our label-artist, tea-deliverer, and accounts wrangler. 


They have four degrees for some unfathomable reason, which they mostly use to ask about increasingly unlikely scenarios for "philosophy reasons." 


Tara is a painter, magician, cook, & a passionate gardener of future-tea-ingredients.


They live with their partner Sarah & their roomba Petey.  If you ask them a good question you are in danger of talking about it forever.