Morning Orange Juice upgrade: Rosemary-Juniper Tea Refresher

For me, orange juice 🍊 is a bit too sweet to drink with breakfast. So instead, I like to have just a splash of it with a strong brew of our Flow State tea!

Flow State is a black tea blend with clementine, juniper, and rosemary (there's even a touch of white pepper that you might be able to pick out if you have a really good pallet)

This also doubles as an evening drink for anyone who LOVES juniper like you taste in gin. After hours, you can keep the drink as is for a mocktail, or you can add a nice dry gin to the jar before shaking.

1. Steep two tea bags of Flow State in about 8 oz of hot water for 5 minutes

2. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon to a ball jar and fill with ice.

3. Splash in your OJ, about half the jar's worth, and give it a good shake to integrate the ice and juice.

3.Top off with Flow state tea and enjoy a lovely boost of vitamin C, black tea for energy and antioxidants, and invigorating rosemary and juniper to keep you moving:)

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